Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions for your Wedding

Hair extensions are a great way of adding length, thickness or just helping to make the dream style you want, a reality! We work with hair extensions on a regular basis, BUT they have to be right! They have to look natural and this is key to creating the perfect look. We will advise you on where to purchase the best hair available.

The most common extensions we use are wefts. These are 100% human hair and can be highlighted and/or coloured and will match so perfectly you’ll struggle to see which is yours and which is bought! They can have clips attached after your wedding so you can use them again. The ways in which we use them vary dramatically, as this really depends on your style.

It is so important that the colour is exactly right and the texture is perfect too, otherwise the extensions will stand out like that big red sore thumb! If your extensions are synthetic and over shiny, you may not notice in the flesh, but in a photograph, the flash will pick up on the false hair if it’s not the best quality or texture. Real human hair is the best and it has to match perfectly. We may advise against using synthetic hair.
This is why we help you source the correct hair colour, texture and length for you! We want you to look your best, for the biggest day of your life, so we demand nothing but the best in Hair Extensions.


We would create a ‘pad’ usually by plaiting or corn rowing a section and then stitch the weft flat to your ‘pad’. This is the most secure way of fixing your wefts, but it does means you can’t take them out easily. We would need to see you before your honeymoon to remove them, or go with them in, and enjoy your long locks! I assure you fixing and removing is totally pain free as are all the techniques. This is also the technique we sometimes use to fix very heavy tiaras or adornments.
Glued in

We would line the weft with special bonding glue, the glue is white and dries clear (you would require a skin test 48hrs before). We part the hair cleanly and apply the glued weft to your scalp. The glue is then heated and dried using cool air to set it in place. As the glue is applied and held to your scalp, there isn’t any pulling or ware on your roots or real hair. As you perspire, you push the glue from your scalp, so it naturally will ‘come unstuck’ but this takes 2-3 days, A perfect length of time for a wedding! If you wish to take your extensions out sooner, we can provide you with bond remover.
Clipped in

So many brides like to utilise their extensions but unfortunately by purchasing the clip in wefts, this can cause many problems for styling the extensions for your big day. You can still use your additional hair, after your wedding day. If you purchase standard extensions, untreated yet coloured to match your natural hair, once your wedding day has passed, you can purchase the clips and stitch them on to the hair and use your extensions again and again and again, without jeopardising your wedding hair! We prefer not to use Clip in extensions as there is no guarantee they will stay put.
Gentle Warning;

Some hair extensions you can buy have been pre-treated, this means they have had a chemical coating and this also means we can’t use certain products on them, for example, Colour (to highlight your extensions, to get that perfect colour match) or heat! I have actually seen some hair extensions melt! This is why we really suggest you buy from a recommended source.

“Is all that your own hair?”
“yes, I paid for it, therefore I own it”!