A Wedding, The Way, YOU Want……

If we can learn anything from this gorgeous human, its, How to be a Bride, The YOU way!

When you have worked in the Wedding industry for a while….Meeting a Bride who sparks your joy, your inner soul, takes some doing! I met Paula and wanted to fold her up and pop her in my pocket, so we could chat whenever I felt like it. Her ideas were fresh, style sassy and most of all, absolutely no Fucks were given. Whether or not her ideas, style and look, would be loved by others too.  She was doing Paula.  Not a Pinterest board of pastels, she was rocking this Wedding life and now she is the Wedding inspiration of 2020 we all need. A little pick me up after the pretty awful tale of 2020 so far. so Up yours Corona, we can have weddings and they can be ruddy fabulous! 

A Real Brides Story; (The good bit! Imagine a song coming in here, at the start of a good movie) 

Paula met Scott at Newport University, some 20 years ago and assured me they were just ‘house mates’ on the same course. (This is where we all roll our eyes, right?) They were both studying Photography. Which made choosing a photographer really hard.  Anyhoo…Fast forward a serious amount of time, a group holiday and BANG…. There eyes went all glassy, and those love heart emoji’s happened.

Paula & Scott, now live in Southampton, with their two year old Twin Boys, Evan & Alfie, who are every bit as cute as they sound.

The Lovely Couple, attended an evening do at the Venue, The Old Vicarage, some 5 years ago and must have held the idea somewhere safe in the back of their minds until the moment arose, it’d be needed.

Scott designed Paula’s Engagement ring, along with Ellie and luckily, Paula said yes.

So fast froward all the excitement, to when i received my first message from Paula enquiring. Anyone who starts a message with,  ‘Sorry I haven’t provided any information you actually need’ But i want to book you for my wedding…. I know she was one of my kind. We had a few emails back and forward and that was that, I booked her in! Its my favourite kind of enquiry, ive seen you, i want you and how do we make that work? It is so flattering and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. 

I also need to talk shoes. Wedding shoes, or wedding boots to be exact. When your bridesmaids, club together, do their research from the groom (and he gets it right!) What an incredible result! These Freya Rose boots were the stuff of dreams! With a pearl block heel and just wow! (if they were my size, I may of stuffed them in my kit bag and run away! Luckily for Paula, they weren’t!)


Next step; The rehearsal;

In she bowls with her edgy fringe and we chat about not wanting to look like a prom queen or too neat… I whip up a ‘do’ and we tweak it a little, with some raucous laughter and cups of tea, we find THE hair. I then go to my dresser, get out some sparkily pieces by the gorgeous Tracy. I keep a whole host of handmade sparkles all boxed beautifully, ready to whip out and show how they can turn a beautiful ‘do’ into a ‘WOW-DO’ without any kind of kickback or commission, I can make a contribution as to what looks great. I then directed Paula straight to the company who designs and make the vines and I await to see them on the wedding day. I also have some veils and this is where this unique two comb veil was just the perfect addition too!


Wedding Day;

I arrived bright and early, after a little trundle, its so lovely to be so local and in Hampshire, in the pouring rain…… but it definitely did not dampen anyones spirits…. we laughed a lot and it was so lovely seeing Paula beam and chat, in a calm amongst the chaos morning. The suppliers all piled in, as they once could, before covid ruined all our fun… We prepped all the bridesmaids and dressed everyones hair for the big day.  Fixed the veil and assisted with button holes and accessories… then it was time for the off. Paula and her bridesmaids all hopped in the cutest VW Camper Van and were whisked off to The Old Vicarage, where they had the most amazing day! Rain doesn’t have to be a disaster, some of Paula’s wedding pictures are my favourites. Moody and full of life and character. It’s just them.


Until Next time……


Tori x




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Veil @Sash and veil

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Bridesmaids dresses Chi chi – Amazing mum seamstress

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