Before a Wedding Hair Rehearsal

How to prepare for your wedding hair rehearsal.

I believe there are three different bridal approaches to a rehearsal,
The most organised brides, who have a spreadsheet, colour coded ‘Monica-style’ folder who know exactly what they want and how I should approach it. Those who have a handful of images they’ve pinned as a theme, (this is the majority of my brides) And Finally those, who have absolutely no idea, that there is a life beyond a ponytail, because their day to day life dictates time be spent on more important things.

But we all have one thing in common. We all want to look Amazing on our big day and have our own style.

So I ask all my Brides to do a little homework before we get to a rehearsal day. If you haven’t taken the time to think about your overall look and how you’d like to fix your hair on your big day, this may help;

  1. Save pictures of styles you love.
  2. Don’t put limitations on your dream hair. If you like it, save it.
  3. Think about the neckline of your dress, does it have a pretty back, you don’t want to hide?
  4. Think about Hair accessories you like, Fresh Flowers in your hair? Or sparkles?
  5. Are you having a veil? Have you tried some?
  6. Are you changing your hair colour before the big day? Maybe start the process earlier, so at your rehearsal, you get a better idea of how you will look.
  7. Do you have an idea on jewellery? Will your hair look better up with those drop earrings?
  8. Even if you don’t think your hair can do something, show me anyway. Let me see if we can make your dream hair happen.
  9. Most importantly, you need to be you. Look and feel like you. but the best version you can be.
  10. Pinterest is such an incredible tool for ideas. Get pinning. Be warned though, once you start, you won’t be able to stop and those endless lists may just grow overnight with fresh ideas. Heres our Pinterest boards, so feel free to have a look for inspiration. Riot Hairdressing’s Pinterest Page

Preparing for the appointment;

Please have clean, dry un-straightened hair. ‘It’s best to have dirty hair’? Where has that even come from? Its one of my pet peeves. My mum was a hairdresser in the 70s (a very good one) And even she says people used to come in with dirty hair and then expected it to be backcombed, within an inch of its life, then inevitably it would flop, because the roots would sag, due to the grease.

Things have moved on a lot in the last 20 years in hairdressing, And even in that time the GHD has been born, we don’t really use mousse any more in the way we used to. And there are new products which have made life so much easier, like a texturising powder which can make any plait the fattest and most full of texture, and can make a real braid crown of glory, but when you add a texturising powder together with a greasy root, it can make a very (NON) attractive paste!  I do send out a little memo the week of the wedding asking how I like hair to be prepared, but there is always that one bridesmaid who goes rogue, obviously knowing best. Then I have to politely ask them to go and wash their hair which can be embarrassing, but no one wants a split fringe or greasy nape of the neck on a really hot day!

If your hair is particularly slippy or fly away or even static, we can use all sorts of products to dirty it up like sea-salt spray. We also use tiny rubber bands instead of hair grips on the hair to make sure it is properly secure. Slippy hair I can handle, greasy hair never looks good.

So remember to be armed with;

Your pictures, a rough idea of the look you want, your veil or accessory choices and ideas (you don’t need these before your rehearsal) Just an idea. Your stylist should have a selection of different shapes and size adornments for you try and Clean hair!

Happy Planning your dream hair,

Tori x