A regular question at our little Hampshire based salon. I am a BIG fan of a veil. There is something amazing about walking into a church with a veil covering your face. (I’ve done it and it’s epic!) A bit like walking into a packed bar with your sunglasses on. You can see everyone, you have every confidence but a little mystery before….TAADAA!! The reveal. Also if a bride is not a force to be reckoned with anyway, a veil is  like a super hero cape! Hello Wonder woman. In all seriousness a veil can really finish a beautiful Wedding hairstyle.
Veils can really finish a hair do, and enhance a dress and look, bringing everything together. Bridal Hair can look amazing with a veil, but sometimes it can be too much. We know when to scale back the hairstyle, because the veil is so ruddy epic…. Its all about getting the balance right, which is why we request so much information before a rehearsal. 

Things to consider when looking for a veil;

  1. Single tier or double tier?
  2. Will you wear it over your face?
  3. How long would you like it to drape?
  4. How sheer do you want it to be? There are many different options.
  5. Will it take away from a beautiful back of a dress?
  6. Will it give you confidence and cover your shoulders in church?
  7. How high on your head will you wear it?
  8. One comb or two combs?
  9. Would you like an Ivory, White or even Blush coloured veil? 

Did you know there’s different types of edging?

  • Lace edged veil,
  • Beaded edged Veil,
  • Russian braided Veil,
  • Ribbon Edged Veil,
  • Raw edge 

And Lengths… (standard lengths, but you can have anything made to suit you!) 

  • 45inch Short 
  • 72inch Finger tip 
  • 108 inch Long Veil 
  • 144inch Cathedral length

We love the beautiful selection by the incredible Sash & Veil. (just saying xx ) 



Word Origin and History for veil. early 13c., from Anglo-French and Old North French veil (Old French voile ) “a head-covering,” also “a sail,” from Latin vela , plural of velum “sail, curtain, covering,” from PIE root *weg- “to weave a web.”